Designing Drugs

A new approach to developing kinase inhibitors.

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Kinase inhibitors are one of the most common types of prescription drugs, but developing them is difficult and expensive. Using a new method, kinase inhibitors can be designed quickly and easily just by knowing the protein sequence!

Antimicrobial Peptides: Your Body's Homeland Security

Antimicrobial Peptides: immune foot soldiers that are quick-acting, deadly, and on the front lines

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How do we survive infections when some types of bacteria can double their population as quickly as a run of a sitcom episode (twenty minutes) while our adaptive immune system takes a few days to produce antibodies and T cells in our defense? What defenses does our body use in the meantime to keep the infection under control?

Morning Bird or Night Owl?

The science and genetics of sleep preferences

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We each have a powerful alarm clock in our cells that tells us when to sleep and when to be active – our circadian rhythm – and it’s wound differently for each person. In this article you’ll learn how circadian rhythm controls sleep, how a greatly altered circadian rhythm leads to sleep disorders, and the latest research on the genetics of sleep preferences.