Keep Calm and Methylate On

You stress. Your friends stress. Your cells stress. Learn how cells keep calm by methylating mRNAs.

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When cells are exposed to acute stresses they react with a series of molecular events collectively termed the 'cellular stress response.' Scientists in the Jaffrey group have revealed a novel method to fine-tuning the specific production of stress response proteins in a process they call m6A cap-independent translation.

Genetically modified food and you!

Distinguishing fact from fiction surrounding the health and safety of genetically modified food.

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Genetic modification has allowed us to make better crops and food, yet the majority of the public is skeptical of the safety and quality of genetically modified food. Are these opinions founded, or can we mass dispel the myths surrounding these new efficient crops?

If Squids Could Talk

New video footage shows how the Humboldt squid could use skin patterns to camouflage and communicate

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We may never truly know what animals are thinking and saying, but scientists are working to crack the animal communication code. This gets tricky for animals that don’t emit any sound and don’t live in a place that’s easy to see. The Humboldt squid, which lives in the open ocean, falls into both categories, but that didn’t deter researchers at Stanford and National Geographic. In a 2015 study, the team revealed some of the latest gossip among Humboldt squids in their natural oceanic habitat.