Pain, Pain Go Away

Stanford researchers relieve pain using light

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Ever wish pain could go away with the press of a button? Stanford scientists used optogenetics to explore the brain's pain circuit and with the switch of a light, they were able to specifically activate nociceptors, sensory nerve cells, to reduce (or induce) pain!


A guide to understanding the danger

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Radiation. Invisible stuff. Scary enough to manipulate nations, but convenient enough to ignore for that perfect suntan – what is radiation exactly, and how does it age, mutate, or potentially kill us?

Designing Drugs

A new approach to developing kinase inhibitors.

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Kinase inhibitors are one of the most common types of prescription drugs, but developing them is difficult and expensive. Using a new method, kinase inhibitors can be designed quickly and easily just by knowing the protein sequence!

Antimicrobial Peptides: Your Body's Homeland Security

Antimicrobial Peptides: immune foot soldiers that are quick-acting, deadly, and on the front lines

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How do we survive infections when some types of bacteria can double their population as quickly as a run of a sitcom episode (twenty minutes) while our adaptive immune system takes a few days to produce antibodies and T cells in our defense? What defenses does our body use in the meantime to keep the infection under control?