Biochemistry / Bioinformatics

Biochemistry and bioinformatics in society

One of the greatest powers of research is harnessing symbiotic relationships among different fields, and biological research is no exception. With the growth of bioinformatics, a field dedicated to developing computational methods for biology, collecting extremely large datasets has become easier and more widespread. As a result, biochemical methods are increasingly informed by these datasets, and in turn, the complexity of biochemical systems provides an excellent source of material for bioinformatic analysis. Our group "Biochemistry and Bioinformatics in Society" is interested in exploring this interface between biochemistry and bioinformatics. Specifically, we will be sharing insights into the impact that discoveries from this interface have on various aspects of society, such as policy and healthcare/medicine.

Genetically modified food and you!

Distinguishing fact from fiction surrounding the health and safety of genetically modified food.

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Genetic modification has allowed us to make better crops and food, yet the majority of the public is skeptical of the safety and quality of genetically modified food. Are these opinions founded, or can we mass dispel the myths surrounding these new efficient crops?