Making sense of the patterns of life, (the universe, and everything)

Mathematics is humanity's tool for describing the world around us. We will discuss examples of math not only as a powerful tool for predicting the future, but also as an art form by which we can discover the many beautiful patterns in nature.

Quantifying the effects of anti-vaccine sentiment on the spread of disease

Using Twitter and models of disease transmission and anti-vaccine opinion formation to better understand the effect that human behavior has on public health.

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Anti-vaccine sentiment is as old as vaccination itself. In 1801, Edward Jenner published his [results][1] of the success of his early experiments on the smallpox vaccine, and by 1802, enough people were scared of it that political cartoonist James Gillray produced an extremely unsubtle satirical painting entitled "The Cow-Pock---or---the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!"