Biology (General)

Everything you wanted to know about life, from Antibodies to Zebras

General Biology encompasses all aspects of the life sciences. We will explore the world around us with a very broad scope, investigating everything from the microbes that live within us to the ecosystems we ourselves inhabit. All of life is subject to the same natural forces. We will describe the myriad of different ways that life responds to these forces, the progress being made in expanding our understanding through biological research, and how this insight is being applied in the field and in the lab.

You Are What You Eat, And The Planet Is Too

Have you heard the saying: ‘you are what you eat?’ This saying is true for us, and it’s true for the planet we live on - Planet Earth is what we eat.

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We know that the planet is slowly dying, but what you might not know is how much your weekly cheeseburger is contributing to not only greenhouse gas emissions but also water and land depletion.

Once Upon a Time in Science: Imagination’s role in science

How should we view nature and plan to protect it?

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The biological sciences and education often highlight a dichotomy between addressing conservation biology scientifically and addressing it creatively. However, this is unnecessary and hinders efforts in conservation biology. Through the means of a “romantic teaching” education, both science and imagination can be employed so that efforts in conservation biology are understood and appreciated by scientists, politicians and the general public.


A guide to understanding the danger

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Radiation. Invisible stuff. Scary enough to manipulate nations, but convenient enough to ignore for that perfect suntan – what is radiation exactly, and how does it age, mutate, or potentially kill us?